Whispers from the Universe
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Whispers From The Universe

Tony Masiello, psychic readerAs I sat on the steps of my porch on a cloudy day, a realization came to me. The sun peeks in and out through the clouds. Some are big and some are small. As a big cloud comes between the sun and me, it gets cooler. I have to believe the sun is just as bright and warm on the other side of that cloud.

For I say unto you-approach all challenges in life the same way. Do something with a  purpose and the challenge will pass in time. The Universal Spirit never quits shining, but sometimes we have to wait until we're ready.

Excerpt From "Whispers From The Universe"

That there is a world beyond our five senses is common knowledge. Yet, too often, we tend to believe what we see instead of believing we see only what we believe. Science and technology have brought us far, but still can't explain the inner workings of the soul.

"Whispers From The Universe", the new book by Tony Masiello contains an extraordinary collection of writings that will help you, motivate you, inspire you and guide you along the inner path of your life.

*You might be facing terrible challenges, living through difficult times, and without thinking about it you pick up and open "Whispers From The Universe" and find yourself looking at exactly the page you need. As you read you find yourself inspired to go ahead and solve the very problems that had stymied you until now.

*You're tired and feel that life is really a burden, then you turn to a page, start reading and find that you can't put the book down. When you finally do lay it down, you feel refreshed, at peace and filled with enthusiasm, energy and the desire to move on.

*You may have a close friend or family member who is facing hard times. You lend them or give them a copy of "Whispers From The Universe". They use it and call or write to tell you how much it helped them. They tell you how grateful they are to you.

What would it be worth to have as your companion a book filled with mystical, magical answers to your pressing day to day problems?

What if you could solve your problems with a tool that has nothing to do with logic or technology. Immerse yourself in the tender, loving writings of a man who at once struggled against the need to write this book and at the same time was compelled to do exactly that. You are the beneficiary of what his struggle produced.

Turn to a page -- any page you choose. Or better yet, close your eyes and pick a page. See for yourself if what lies before you isn't exactly what you need to know at that moment.

Richard Bach, the author of the spiritual bestsellers, Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions once said that if we pick a book and open it to any page, whatever you need most is there.

"Whispers From The Universe" contains an extraordinary collection of spiritual wisdom that will inspire you and guide you through the labyrinth of life on this physical plane.

But don't take my word for it. See what these others feel about "Whispers From The Universe".

"Anthony Masiello's book, "Whispers from the Universe," reminds me of the gentle urgings of the universe to quiet our minds and listen to the "still small voice" deep within us. The author weaves a beautiful tapestry of words that soothe, heal and help us along our journey through this world. Whenever you sense that events and circumstances tend to close in on you, just open this book and read a page -- any page -- and you'll feel an uncommon calm permeating your entire being."
-- John Harricharan, author of "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat" and other life-affirming classics

"Life's most contemplative thoughts - those mind-opening deeper wonders of the universe we 'think about' but rarely communicate to others.

Ah, yes, someone has to think them, share them, and weave them into our collective mindset. If not, we'd all be a bunch of little isolated-thinkers probing the mysteries of life without the benefit of letting OTHERS feel what our soul has to say.

Tony Masiello's soul is one soul you want to listen to. His collection of spiritual poems and short prose about LIFE is something to put on your nightstand so you never forget just Who you are, What you're capable of, and How to get there - wherever that might be for you. But, wherever you may try to 'get to', the information in Tony's book will ensure that you're not getting too far off the beaten path along the journey.

I love it and you will too."
-- Barry Goss Co-Founder www.ManifestLife.com

"Tony is a modern-day Moses, sharing valuable insights as he leads and lights the way on the spiritual path."
-- Gloria D. Benish PhD in Religious Study, International Speaker and Author

"Feeling a little down? Depressed? The world is going against you? Pick up this book and everything will change. Tony has captured the essence of what is important in our lives and how we can use it. This book should never be out of your reach."
-- Betty Pichon - Pichon Group, International Speaker and Author

"Nourish your soul with the beautiful and empowering messages in Whispers from the Universe. Capturing the true essence of what it means to live and love consciously, brilliantly, and authentically, I believe that Tony Masiello is a whisper from the Universe. When you feel the need for comfort and inspiration--turn to any page--and just listen..."
-- Heather K. O'Hara, Award-winning author of AXIS, The Song in the Center of the Soul and Living on Level 7

"For many years Tony has been receiving bits of insights as he went about his daily activities and has compiled these thoughtful reflections into his first book, Whispers from the Universe. His quiet observation of nature provides one starting point from which he gains access to Divine wisdom. At other times, observing our human frailties opens his heart to receive information on how to change our attitudes and expectations, thus providing a hopeful outcome. Many of us have found ourselves trapped in this busy way of life that we've created for ourselves, so it is refreshing to sit quietly and read about simple, uncomplicated ways in which to view and live life. Then perhaps, if we chose to, we will be motivated to move to another level of conscious living that is both healthy and inspiring for our soul. May we all receive such whispers and begin living our true potential."
-- Myra Johnson - Publisher, Heart Links Magazine

"I felt nurtured as I read your book. Now others will be able to share in your dream as they connect in the "Whispers from the Universe." I can tell that you have a love of sharing your gifts and I believe that all of us who share in your universal truths will benefit deeply. Through your experiences and your connectedness, may we continually learn to pattern our life so that we may also spread the "Universal Love" that you so passionately share in your book. I look forward to more..."
-- Brent W. Studer - Studer Technical Service, Educator and Craftsman

"Seeing life as it really is and not as difficult and complex as we tend to make it, is a gift. Tony has brought forth in his writings the pureness and simplicity that we have somehow left behind. He makes one say "ah yes, of course, this is the way it should be."

Faith has let us see the wisdom of the ages through the eyes of a child. Thanks you Faith for your words of enlightenment."
-- M.J. Boone - Student of Universal Truth

"Wonderful spiritual bits of wisdom. Take time to read this book all at once and then open to a page daily to have your thought for the day. Simply put, easy reading yet thought provoking. I enjoyed every word."
-- Janet M. Culbertson

Whispers From The Universe is a wonderful, thought-provoking book that's full of wisdom and practical help. Tony Masiello has shared some of the most profound inspirational, and magical writings to help us in our day to day struggle with life's ups and downs. It's one of those books you'd better make sure you have available at all times. You never know when you're going to need it.
-- Robert Kleine, copywriter, website designer, and author, http://www.rapidarticle.com

What is so different about this book?

"Whispers From The Universe" was written as "stream of consciousness" or "automatic writing". What that means is that the writer was just a conduit through which the words flowed and then appeared on the page. Almost as if there was a voice that no one else could hear speaking directly to the inner essence of the author, guiding his hand to impart the wisdom you'll find in this ebook.

Take a brief look at what's inside:

  • Dreams and Power
    Your dreams become your power
  • Are You God?
    “Who is God? What is God?” Does God even exist?
  • Be Like a Blade of Grass
    ... you have the sunshine of God’s love watching over you as you reach up and grow.
  • Bury the Hatchet
    Next time you feel that there is an axe to grind, take a close look at yourself to find out ...
  • Clouds vs. Sun
    The Universal Spirit never quits shining, but sometimes we have to wait until ...
  • Comfort
    ... the expression “to serve your Lord” came from ancient times on earth and meant to serve your King and other ...
  • Cry for help
    ... most often the solution to the challenge is right in front of your nose, if not closer.
  • Direction
    We in our human form have two gears, one for forward and one for reverse.
  • Footprints
    ... our Father moves through us with his Love to obtain happiness, peace and security.
  • Friend or Foe?
    Wouldn’t you really rather rely on a friend that would take better care of your needs.
  • God Inc.-What Door is for You?

And that's not even half the chapters in this remarkable e-book.

I could go on and on about the healing power of this inspirational e-book, but that will take too much of your time. Time you could be using to read this extraordinary work.

I don't believe in hype, so you won't find any long explanation here about how much it is really worth or anything of that sort. Just a simple statement of price -- $18.97 -- that's all. The book is in Adobe PDF format and can be downloaded immediately. You can keep it on your computer, if you like, or print it out and keep a copy on your desk or coffee table.

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 "Journey in the Fields of Forever"

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 "The Twelve Power Principles TeleSeminar"
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They have agreed to bare their souls to you, in order to help you understand they have all come, at one point or another, to stand before the precipice. To risk the pain of failure. They’ll tell you their stories and explain how they managed to look their fears in the eye and take that step beyond the fear and into the unknown.

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A genuine, fresh perspective. Terrorists - Fundamentalist Cults - Abductions - Retaliation. Does this sound like a militia "to do" list or, perhaps, the headlines for the evening news? R.W.Kleine has written a refreshing, inspiring and creative alternative to the way we perceive our demoralizing world. Read "The Secret of the Twelve" and create some changes of your own!

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by A. Vishwanath

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  • Whispers form the Universe by Tony Masiello
  • When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat by John Harricharan
  • Morning Has Been All Night Coming by John Harricharan
  • Journey in the Fields of Forever by John Harricharan
  • The Twelve Power Principles TeleSeminar by John Harricharan - Audio
  • Manifest Life by Barry Goss - Audio
  • Into the Light by Heather K. O'Hara
  • Flung from the Edge by a Master by Heather K. O'Hara
  • Conquering Fear by R.W.Kleine
  • The Secret of the Twelve by R.W.Kleine
  • The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History! by Joe Vitale
  • I Love to Hate, But I Hate When I Do Not Love by A. Vishwanath

A monetary value of $425.59

An inspiring, nurturing and magical collection of inner messages delivered through the author to you. With pureness and simplicity, the "still small voice" whispers. Luckily for us, Tony Masiello took the time and had the stillness of spirit to listen and convey the messages to us in "Whispers From The Universe".

Real Value = Absolutely Priceless

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